Dallas-based Bandolero is a Texafied celebration of the Grateful Dead and kindred spirits.

Bandolero debuted on the growing Dallas jam scene in 2017 and has evolved its sound into something truly unique among Texas tribute bands – the band chooses material that honors the Dead, as well as other like-minded artists such as the Black Crowes and Allman Brothers, and makes it their own. Guided by a hard-driving rhythm section that creates a consistent, danceable thump as the music’s ground floor, Bandolero puts a Texafied twist on familiar tunes with swirling, whiskey-drenched guitar riffs, dancing keyboards and electric vocal performances.

Texas live music fans have responded to this fresh, hard-rocking approach to familiar material by packing venues such as House of Blues, Gas Monkey Bar & Grill and Deep Ellum Art Company in support of Bandolero. Raucous, high-energy performances have led to a devoted following in Dallas-Fort Worth by Bandolero fans that call themselves “Bandofam” and rarely miss a show.

Neighborhood friends Paul Corliss (lead vocals) and Tom Relihan (guitar) began shaping what would eventually become Bandolero the way many bands get their start – sweating out songs in the garage.  Michael Relihan (bass), Tom’s father, came on board shortly thereafter … and a band was born. Sound evolution led Bandolero to its versatile and talented line-up of today that features Rick Sukkar’s dynamic and versatile lead guitar, trading licks with keyboardist Sam Nicholls and Tom Relihan. Brad Fletcher drives the band with high-energy drumming reminiscent of John Bonham and Keith Moon, while Corliss and Sean Gaffney (vocals/acoustic guitar) deliver vocal performances that help differentiate Bandolero from other groups working in this space.

Bandolero has grown from humble beginnings in North Dallas to become one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s favorite Grateful Dead-influenced rock bands — one with a distinctive, self-righteous Texas twist.